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We spent the last six years developing a great product, along with a business model to make it affordable. Now we want to keep learning with our community and share the knowledge we’ve been gaining every day. So here is where our blog story begins!

Our product is used by companies from numerous industries, but we wanted to have a forum aligned with much of our DNA: software and IT services companies. We wanted a place where our community can also share and keep learning

This simple idea excited us: have the new blog driven by subject-matter specialists and not marketers (with all due respect to marketing!). 

We are starting slowly, but we believe it will be fun and educational, so we invite you to take part on it! 

Our posts aim to share useful information, tips, and practices, while also sparking healthy discussions. We believe this way each participant will get more out of this blog than what any single person could contribute individually.

Our posts will certainly be imperfect and many times controversial—so we would love for you to check them out, comment, add to them, and share them with friends and colleagues!  

Our ground rules are simple, and we ask you to adhere to them:

  • Don’t criticize what has been shared, even if you don’t agree with something. Just express your “different opinions.” Everyone will appreciate that.
  • Always be respectful of others.
  • Keep the privacy of individuals in mind.  

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